IMEF Coaches


Mercy Phiri, Zambia

Mercy Phiri is a registered mental health counsellor. She is a registered nurse / counsellor by profession with a valid practitioner license. Areas of expertise: gender based violence, HIV pre and post counselling, pain management, sexual abuse, divorce, infertility, infidelity, spirituality, family conflict, depression, anxiety, mood disorder, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, grieving process, anger management, sex therapy, sexual addiction, sexual abuse, men issues, women issues, alcohol abuse, antisocial personality, borderline personality, bipolar personality, eating disorders, obesity, medication management, parenting, postpartum, school issues, relationship issues, child abuse, domestic abuse.


Oleksandra (Ula) Oliynyk-Dombrovska, Ukraine

Ula is a coach with over twenty years of experience in working with people who have problems with solving difficult life situations, family and marriage conflicts. She helps with addictions, stress, anxiety, low self-esteem and post-traumatic trauma. She also specializes in counseling and spiritual healing therapies. Ula runs services in Polish and Ukrainian.


Gabrielle Maynard, Trinidad and Tobago

Gabrielle Maynard is a mental health professional and advocate from Trinidad and Tobago that enjoys bringing light and hope to the lives of all children and adolescents. Gabrielle is passionate about helping them to find their inner strength and develop strategies for managing difficult life experiences. She holds a Master's degree in Psychology from the University of South Wales and has had training and experience working in Special Education and as an advocate for special needs children. Gabrielle provides services in counselling, mental health resource development, psycho-education, and more. She thinks one of the most powerful concepts in existence is perspective. A person's perspective can literally be the difference between whether they do or die. Assisting clients to adjust their perspectives and giving them tools to do that on their own is essential to any professional relationship she has with any client. In 2020, she founded The Legasi Holistic Growth Institute, a non-profit organization purposed to provide educational classes and resources, mental health support, and extracurricular development opportunities for children in Trinidad and Tobago and in the Caribbean. She also volunteers with other organizations in Trinidad that support women and children in challenging domestic situations.