Humanitarian Award 2021

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This year Marigold from Canada was honoured as our 3rd winner of the Humanitarian Activist Award for her work in making a positive impact in her community with her leadership and resiliency by being involved with her city's Parliament, Refugee Support Group, being a Youth Ambassador, and for her efforts during the Covid crisis. At twelve years of age she has a business called Marigold's Heart Garden where she makes flower headbands and donates the proceeds to various causes. She volunteers her time, is part of various organizations and has won awards for all the effort she puts into making her community a better, happier and safer place to live. Marigold was chosen by our official judge, Nicole Crellin, from Youth for Human Rights Toronto. Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) is the youth component of the United for Human Rights, a non-profit organization with chapters across the world. It was founded in 2001 to educate youth in human rights, more specifically, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, so they can become advocates for tolerance and peace. UHR and YHR distributes a wide range of audiovisual and printed human rights educational materials that can be used by anyone interested in educating others about their fundamental universal human rights.

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Call for Nomination

Nomination entries have been closed as of August 30th
The IdealMe Enrichment Foundation will award a $500 in 2021, to a youth who is leading efforts to create a positive change in local communities and/or around the world. This is the third year that The IdealMe Enrichment Foundation ( is offering an Award to a youth who is leading efforts in creating a positive change in local communities anywhere in the world. The winner will be announced at the International Peace Festival in September 2021, In 2020, Remzie from Kosovo was honoured as the 2nd winner for her work with her impoverished community while educating about the problems with early marriage, and also the importance of education. Please nominate an outstanding youth between the ages of 10 to 24 in the category of Humanitarian Activism by filling out and submitting this form by June 30, 2021:

The winner will be chosen based on the following criteria:
1. Impact – Showing efforts in giving back to their community.
2. Leadership – Displaying strong leadership and innovation skills.
3. Resiliency – Exhibiting abilities to pursue their goals despite having any challenges.

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