Humanitarian Award 2020

And the Winner is...
The International Peace Festival International Peace Festival is finished and we found out who the winner is for the IdealMe Humanitarian Activist Award. This year Remzie from Kosovo was honoured as our 2nd winner for her work with her impoverished community while educating about the problems with early marriage, and also the importance of education.United for Human Rights (UHR) headquartered in Los Angeles, has the purpose to educate, unite and activate people to bring about human rights awareness on a broad scale. UHR is a human rights community network that unites human rights advocates and groups to promote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is non political and a non profit organization that welcomes members of all ethnicities, cultures and faiths. It partners and collaborates with a diverse alliance of like-minded organizations devoted to raising human rights awareness. Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) is the youth component of the United for Human Rights, a non-profit organization with chapters across the world. It was founded in 2001 to educate youth in human rights, more specifically, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, so they can become advocates for tolerance and peace. UHR and YHR distributes a wide range of audiovisual and printed human rights educational materials that can be used by anyone interested in educating others about their fundamental universal human rights.

Nicole Crellin, Human Rights Toronto Director

Nicole Crellin is an educator and a human rights advocate. She is the Youth for Human Rights Director for Toronto. For over 40 years, she has been active in promoting human rights as well as exposing human rights abuses. Miss Crellin has reached thousands through her promotional and educational activities to inform others about their 30 fundamental human rights, more specifically, those under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which has been adopted by over 190 countries around the world. The goal of Youth for Human Rights is to inspire youth to become advocates for tolerance and peace. She is passionate about building a better society where people can live in peace and harmony.
If you had to choose one activist aged 5-18 from around the world for a prize on the grounds of impact, leadership and resilience...? The jury of the Canadian IdealMe Enrichment Foundation award choose Remzije, a young woman from Fushe Kosove, for her work with The Ideas Partnership in tackling early marriage in her community. This is so well-deserved, and we feel very proud to have such committed activists in our midst. Shume urime, Remzije!

Nominee Spotlight

Call for Nomination

Nomination entries have been closed as of August 30th
The IdealMe Enrichment Foundation will award a $500 CAD in 2020, to a youth who is leading efforts to create a positive change in local communities and/or around the world. “Our goal is to help people learn about the wonderful things young people are doing to make the world a better place.” says Dr Ewa Antczak, Psychologist and founder of IdealMe, “Since children are our future, we want to make sure their voices are heard and we look forward to promoting all nominees before, during and after the winner is announced.” This is the second year that The IdealMe Enrichment Foundation is offering an Award to a youth who is leading efforts in creating a positive change in local communities anywhere in the world. The winner will be announced at the International Peace and Film for Peace Festival on September 20, 2020 ( The first recipient of this award was Roberta Battaglia, a teenaged singer who just won the Golden Buzzer at America's Got Talent 2020 ( Please nominate an outstanding youth between the ages of 5 to 18 in the category of Humanitarian Activism by filling out and submitting this form by August 30, 2020: .

The winner will be chosen based on the following criteria:
1. Impact – Showing efforts in giving back to their community.
2. Leadership – Displaying strong leadership and innovation skills.
3. Resiliency – Exhibiting abilities to pursue their goals despite having any challenges.